Ever since he can remember, Shaunt has been enthralled by music. Most adults around him remember his singing and dancing along to the beat of the drum, the groove of the bass, the roar of the guitars and the melodies of the human voice. As he started to grow up, he became fascinated by the idea of playing a musical instrument. Classical Piano training came first around the age of five, along with a short stint in the world of musical theatre. But as Shaunt matured, and ended up in a band as the lead singer, he realized that it was time to pick up another instrument and the guitar came calling. 

He formerly studied vocal performance with Grammy Nominated Artist and Songwriter, Jan Linder-Koda, who introduced him to L.A. studio stalwart, Marty Rifkin, who helped him record his first few demos. He has also had an excellent supporting cast in: Ray Charles guitarist, Don Peake, Derde Verde frontman, Dylan McKenzie, and independent composer/producer, Kyle Wittlin. 

In September 2016, Shaunt was contacted by legendary rock photographer, Robert M. Knight who has made his mark by photographing rock legends including Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Robert, who has a knack for discovering new talent, inducted Shaunt into his program for young musicians, the Brotherhood of the Guitar which led to a sponsorship by The Ernie Ball Company.

 In January 2018, Shaunt released his debut EP, "Intensity" which was recorded throughout 2017 with producer and engineer, Fabrizio Grossi (Nina Hagen, Steve Vai). The influences on the work range from Alternative Rock (the Hives), British Punk (The Clash, Gang of Four), American Hardcore (The Germs, Fugazi) and Blues/Neo Soul (John Mayer, Jeff Buckley). 

Shaunt performs around Los Angeles in various venues and is currently collaborating on various side projects...